The greatest miracle is to love and be loved in return. This long time adage has been passed from generation to generation. Certainly, it is truly magical when you fall in love. Everything that surrounds you is more beyond word can explain. And one thing for sure, it expands your horizon together with your senses for love moves in mysterious ways.

Each of us has its own love story. Some has to be written,

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“Come where the lilies,
The sweet verdant lilies,
Oh come where the lilies bloom so fair.”
-Thompson, Will L. (1847-1909 )

How poetic the song that plays along with my senses. Each line projects the beauty of a flower when it blooms. Oh come where the lilies as it blooms in the verdant city along with the skylines of vibrant Dubai. Not only lilies but wide arrays of selection of flowers for the whole year round.

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Memories of Christmas

The holiday is one of the busiest season of the year. We juggle for commitments with work, family, friends and travel. In between our busy schedules, we search for the timely conditioning of our mind and spirit. Yet, we tend to forget how valuable our happiness is, and we forge ourselves in the limitless boundaries of life struggles equating on making a difference.

Growing up in a close family circuit is a blessing.

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Romancing with Phaleanopsis

My first encounter with these butterfly like orchids was during my trip in Singapore. It was a
gloomy day and I decided to walk in the streets of Orchard Road which is a bustling area for lovers,
artists, and of course architectural designs that lobbies in the walls of modern city within a city.
The panorama is quite perfect as the busy people waylay from their normal norms. What really caught
my attention are the full blooms of orchids in white,

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